Hash Me Not

Just a request because I always check the validity of all my downloads when I can.
When downloading from /firmware/ you kindly supply a hash (GL.iNet download center)
I know one of them is a md5sum but the other I’m unsure of…

2.25	openwrt-6416-2.25.bin	d5c78db9e85828fce22f578a6da54dbf	8126468
2.261   openwrt-6416-2.261.bin  e8de501e8acafb4299d99153f7c6e63c        8781828

What is the last hash I’m looking at? and maybe you could let other people know what they are looking at because not everyone knows what these numbers mean or could mean.

Ver     File                    md5sum                                  ? hash
2.25	openwrt-6416-2.25.bin	d5c78db9e85828fce22f578a6da54dbf	8126468

@alzhao I love your work and thanks for adding shadowsocks (have not tried it yet, I must rebuild my vpn) when I get more time

You are correct about the md5sum. The last word is the size of the firmware for reference, not hash.

shadowsocks works very good. But we haven’t tested all models.

The firmware works as shadowsocks server and client. So you can just use one as server and put in your home and the other one as client.

Thanks alzho! Can’t wait to give shadowsocks a run again.
Will give it a go on a few OSes and other box/phone/tablets and report back if anything is askew.

Fantastic Work!