Have GL-x750 use app data instead of mobile hot spot

I have a gl-750x modem. If I install easy tether libraries on the device and connect my cell phone to the USB port I have unlimited high speed data. But if I remove my sim and put it into the gl-750x it only uses my limited “hot spot” data.

Is there a way to get the modem to not use my “hot spot” data and use the app data instead?

T Mobile

What speed do you get on the router?
Routers don’t perform as well on cellular networks as phones.

I’m getting 600k. I was getting 5mb before the device got a text from t Mobile that my mobile hot spot data was used up. It’s definitely being identified as hot spot data and throttled.

The cellular carriers usually distinguish traffic as device or hotspot using the Time-To-Live (TTL) header field in each packet. Packets are assigned a TTL so that they don’t fly around the internet forever if they don’t go to their intended destination. The TTL value is set as the packet is sent from the originating device, and each device it passes through (Router, phone acting as hotspot, etc.) decrements the TTL value by 1.

By default, iOS and Andriod devices set a TTL of 64. Computers often set a TTL of 128. Either way, when something sends a packet through the phone acting as a hotspot or your GL-x750, it would be decremented, so the carrier would see a TTL of 63 or 127. That isn’t the 64 they expect for a phone’s own traffic, so they know that it is Hotspot traffic.

You can defeat this by setting a custom TTL value. You can set up your router to automatically rewrite all TTL values to 64 (or 65 if it is tethered to a phone). I am guessing that the EasyTether library was doing this for you.

To set this manually in on your router, go to More Settings>Advanced and log into luci. Then go to Network>Firewall and click on the “Custom Rules” tab. Then add this to the bottom of the text box:

#Change TTL
iptables -t mangle -I POSTROUTING 1 -j TTL --ttl-set 65
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That’s what I needed. Thanks