Have I bricked my AR750?

I downloaded firmware 3.0-1011 from the support page and applied the update. Everything went smoothly and I was able to log back in.

When attempting to update the opkg lists, I was given an error saying wrong signature file. I thought the easiest way to resolve this would be a factory reset so held in the button for 10+seconds. Now it wont boot.

I power up the device aand all the power light stays on but the 2 other LED’s flicker on for a fraction of a second before going out. this happens twice and then all I get is the power light on solid.

Can I restore functionality and get things running again?


Just found this little snippet in the readme.txt.

’ “clean” contains a clean firmware with minimal packages, with LuCI installed, wifi is disabled by default.

Fingers crossed that is just it

Please try the latest testing firmware.

If you want to build a clean firmware, you can include the files folder. GitHub - gl-inet/openwrt-files

Thanks loads. Appreciated.

what’s the etiquette now? Do I edit the title to say solved? or delete thread?

Please don’t delete thread. You can ticked the solution.