Have you abandoned USB 150?

Have you abandoned support of USB 150?
Last firmware: 2023-03-21 09:29:40 (UTC+00:00) , Based on openwrt 19.07.8.

Current stable release of OpenWrt is 23.05.02

OpenWrt is different than other OS - so no need for newer versions. It’s not like on Ubuntu or Windows.

See here a list of discontinued devices.

not sure if OpenWrt itself has support for this, I suspect to have not due to flash size issues but i’m not entirely sure, haven’t checked, edit: i think it does your wiki link shows a release of 23.05 :slight_smile:

I would disagree with this, as kernels and base OSes, including OpenWrt, have bugs that can take months or years to find. OpenWrt stopped supporting 19.07.x series in April 2022, GL iNet is not releasing any new 3.x firmware, and no one is supporting the 4.14 Linux kernel that was used in 19.07, so there are real security risks running this old firmware.

It is sad that GL iNet did not update the USB150 to the 4.x firmware before this router went end of support on December 31, 2023.