Having issues with Port Forwarding

I just moved my Synology NAS to another room that doesn’t have access to any ethernet ports, so I got the GL-SFT1200 to work as a bridge to my main router (Virgin Media Hub 4).

But, now I’m about to pull my hair out :sweat_smile:

I managed to get Plex working, but the same steps didn’t work for any of my other docker containers and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I suggest that you try using Extender network mode via Admin Panel → MORE SETTINGS → Network Mode, which will extend the main router’s network to the GL-SFT1200 on the same IP subnet.

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet.

I actually tried that, but I couldn’t find the IP addresses of the connected devices to set things up. And for the sake of Plex, which is easy to setup, it couldn’t find the open ports :sweat_smile:

I was also hoping to use router mode to take advantage of QoS as the Virgin hub lacks this function

OpenWRT Extender mode uses the relayd package, which has problems with broadcast traffic, such as DHCP and device discovery, but usually works with static IP addresses.

With Plex port forwarding working to IP, what is Overseerr Port 5055 port forwarding to Are there 2 different devices connected to the GL-SFT1200 LAN, not only the Synology NAS?

I am not clear on the purpose of the 3rd section of port forwarding rules (Local/External), which appears to be on the Virgin Media Hub 4.

x.106 & x.107 are two separate LAN ports coming from the NAS. I like to separate the Plex bandwidth for network restrictions.

The third image is the port forwarding rules to allow the ports to access the WAN, if i don’t include them ports on the Virgin Hub the GL ports aren’t reachable outside my LAN

When you created the Overseerr docker container, did you set the networking to Bridge or Host? If Bridge, did you set both the local port and container port to 5055? Otherwise, Synology Docker will set a random local port.

For my basic purposes, I set networking to Host. If it is set to Host, then see if you can access from the main router.

That’s the weird thing, I have Overseerr set to host and I can access it on both routers via 5055.

But, it’s not accessible outside my LAN :sob:

Even with port forwarding on the Virgin Media Hub 4 from WAN to LAN, there is no process there to listen for and forward the traffic onto the GL-SFT1200 WAN.

The ports on the Virgin Hub are forwarded to which is the static IP I have set for the GL (see first image)

Also, that can’t be the case because Plex is working without issue :sweat_smile:

Ahh … I missed that is the GL-SFT1200 router, not the Virgin Media Hub.

Maybe the ISP is blocking certain ports. As a test, you can try port forwarding from WAN Port 443 to LAN Port 5055 on the Virgin Media Hub.

My IPS can’t be blocking any ports as I had no issues until i intruded the GL to the network :smiling_face_with_tear:

As you can now see, I honestly have no idea why it’s not working. I keep looking at everything I have setup and there’s no clear indication as to why :upside_down_face:

When you use extender, all your devices will be bridge to your main wifi and you should find their IP in your main wifi network.

I eventually got extender mode working locally but I still couldn’t open the ports to the WAN

Extender is bridge. So no need to open ports.

Yes, I understand this but I still need to open ports to access the server outside of the LAN :smiling_face_with_tear:

Which isn’t working

But should you do this in your main router? I am still confused.

I have done this in my main router, but the traffic isn’t getting sent to the GL.

If I remove the GL from the situation it works without issue, hence why I’m asking for help here.

You can see my port configuration in the image I posted, which is setup correctly.

When you set up as extender, all of your devices will get 192.168.0.x IP. So your port forward to 8.x is not necessary.

Not sure if I misunderstand anything.

The images above are from router mode, but even when I changed to extender mode and changed the IP’s it still wasn’t working outside of my local network

It may also be worth noting that the static IP’s I set for the devices don’t show up in my main router when connected to the GL. The only IP / MAC Address that shows is the one for the GL router

As a test, can you try using a single Ethernet port with single IP address on the NAS?