Having problems with gl-mt300n-v2 TTL change

Got my gl-mt300n-v2 the other day and tethered a Visible phone to it, worked great but I’m still being throttled no matter what I change TTL to. I’ve looked at several forums, on several sites, tired all the TTL settings I possibly can, made sure to reboot the router and phone each time I put in the custom firewall rules and restarted. I’m at a loss, honestly. Here’s the tricky part that I’m not understanding, my laptop reads anywhere from 20-60mbps on download. I’m trying desperately to update some games on ps4 and every time I connect to my mango router I barely get above 2mbps. The highest I’ve been able to get is 2.4 and with 35GB updates thats a little discouraging. I’m willing to take any advice right now and it will be greatly appreciated.