Having touble connecting my GL-MT1300 to wifi

Hello everyone,
I just got my new GL-MT1300 / Beryl and having trouble connecting it to a WPA2, Enterprise that also uses PEAP. I tried both the stable version and the beta but none fixed my problem.
I do get the option to enter my username and password but it won’t connect.
Any help is appreciated, Thanks!

If you are needing to use: EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol), the GL-iNet MT1300 will not work :frowning_face:

You need to buy a routers that is NOT in this list: GL-MT300N-V2, microuter-N300, GL-MT1300, GL-MV1000W, GL-MV1000, GL-SF1200, GL-SFT1200

See: Extensible Authentication Protocol - GL.iNet Docs

Hi, thanks for replying.

Is there no way to make that work? I’m having trouble understanding why it wouldn’t work. Is it possible to use a USB wifi adapter and connect it to the USB port on the router?

I would assume you could get this to work with a custom OpenWRT build but I’ve never tried.

@ID-ent: GL iNet uses different chip-sets in different routers. Some of these chip-sets require proprietary drivers that don’t support EAP. The MT1300 uses a proprietary MTK driver supplied in the GL iNet firmware, and I do not know if using the generic OpenWrt firmware on the MT1300, without the proprietary MTK driver, would allow it to use EAP.

Unfortunately it is important to read all the forum posts and all the GL iNet documentation to understand the limitations before purchasing any GL iNet router, so not to experience unexpected consequences.

If you just purchased the router, you may want to see if you can return it.