Heads up on beta 5.4 and 4.4.6 kernel and slate-axt1800

So I was running the 5.4 kernal beta from 7-30-22
I saw the Version: 4.0.1 release5 8-8-22 in the beta download section.
I failed to scroll down further to see the 5.x kernel download after it was too late.

When I performed the upgrade it actually said I was upgrading my kernel when it was actually downgrading it. just a heads up. would be nice to know if downgrading or upgrading or notifiying it instead as just a kernel change.

A simple changelog for each FW would help a lot here I think.


change log goes without question. but as far as fixing stupidity, there is no fix. which is kinda what I did. :wink:

Sorry man. The release is actually on 4.4.60.

Kernel 5.4 is not released yet. So keep beta.

sorry, am I mis-understanding you are are you misunderstanding me?

uname -a
Linux GL-AXT1800 5.4.164 #0 SMP PREEMPT Sat Jul 30 08:15:49 2022 armv7l GNU/Linux

I mean it’s titled as 5.4 kernel?


OK. Maybe I was wrong.

so what is best. To keep firmware based on kernel 5.4 or to use the 4.0.1 Beta releases?


I was testing tethering and had some issues with 4.4.x so I switch to 5.4 which resolved the issuss I presumed to be a hardware driver issue. It was an old phone so I don’t think it has any bearing on current testing.

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I did notice a new gateway feature under applications in the 4.0.1r5. I was reading about it and it looked interesting but I have no input nor how gl-inet implements it from their feature set. waiting for documention to be written. I worked for an oem and in test we worked in tandem with pubs so documention could be ready and realeased together with the beta and finished product. we all live in the real world, not the perfect world so I can understand so I wait patiently cause I’m sure they have a full plate already.