Heavy Wi-Fi Vulnerability “FragAttacks”

Hello, everyone.

I own the GL-1000W (Brume) and Alfa AWUS036ACS. In Germany, the Federal Office for Information Security has issued a warning “FragAttacks” with increased security risk. The warning refers to a new Wi-Fi vulnerability that affects almost any Wi-Fi device. The BSI has classified this vulnerability as Level 3 / Orange, “business-critical. ”

How far are the GL-iNet routers affected and is the gap in the beta already fixed?

With best regards from Germany

OpenWrt already has a fix for this in master, it will be backported soon in 19.07, as for gl-inet it all depends on how fast they want to do this since solution is already available… @alzhao ??


For other known open bugs and feature requests, you can check the follow:

Checking and will fix.

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