Hello Yall

I am new here.
Thanks for viewing my post.
I live in Los Angeles, CA.
I wish to learn much from you guys.
Cuz oh boy I need some help lol
Is this how this works?

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Yes. Post directly the issues and discuss

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I live in California. I was with Sprint for years. Now T-mobile has merged. I went to T mobile store and get a new line with SS A32. Popped the card in Muddi.
I wait a while, No service Sim card not registered.
I’ve read the suggested article for troubleshooting, I still do not have 3g 4g on my Mudi. I’ve tried what was suggested but still no luck. Maybe I am doing something wrong. I don’t want to use my new phone’s hotspot tethered into mudi… (that worked btw)
Thanks for your time and support

Does the UI show SIM not registerred?

Have you try using ttyUSB3 and tried different APNs?