Help a very non-techie person set up to cruise ship WiFi

I am a very inept person when it come s to setting up these devices.

I have just purchased an MT-3000 to use on a cruise ship to be able to use more than 1 device at a time during my cruise, without having to pay the cruise line extra $.

Can some one please explain to me, in kindergarten language, how to wirelessly set up my device to the cruise wi-fi network and then how to connect my devices to the MT/3000?!

Thank you much- in advance!

Unfortunately connecting to a Wi-Fi which is not under your control ist not easy, so no Kindergarten language here, sorry.

Please follow these guides:

Will this way succeed? Well, depends on the Wi-Fi of the cruise ship. Might be, might not be.

Cruise ships are getting smarter about blocking travel routers. Unfortunately there are no kindergarten directions as @admon mentioned. Take a look at this thread for some additional information.


Best advise is to setup as per the above link at home first connecting to your home WiFi network. Then you’ll know what should and doesn’t work and get an understanding of the process.