[Help] Can you help us translate firmware UI texts?

Dear all,

We are working on improving more languages on the 4.1 firmware UI, including German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese. If you are a native speaker, familiar with router feature and interested in helping us with translation or proofreading, please send me a private message to let me know.

You will get more invitations to test new products after joining the translation of UI texts. Translators who provide a lot of help will also receive a gift from us.

How to Translate UI Texts

The UI text has been synced to a translation platform and divided by feature. You just need to cross-reference the text on the interface and modify it.

You can search for unsuitable text in the UI directly on the translation platform.

This is the current status of translation.

Note: Please do not reply to this post directly, but send me a message. This is because I may ask for information that isn’t publicly known. For example, you need to use your usual email address to register for a translator account.


Hello, I am in! My username on weblate is selfman. I worked at an ISP in Germany for quite a few years, and studied in Australia. Currently I live in Chile. I have experience with coursera translations. I could help with Spanish and German. Just drop me a line, or invite me on weblate (thonib@hotmail.com). Saludos



I am native English speaker, I can help translate UI elements. Please feel free to contact me any time.

Have you changed the URL of the service? The one you gave me a while ago does not work anymore.

Sorry, we change it, but I forget tell you.
The new url has been sent you via massage.

To explain the current progress of the translation.

  • The firmware will include it when the language translation progress reaches 80%. German is currently only 73% translated.
  • French, Korean and Russian, which were included in 3.x, will not be added to 4.x for now because they are too difficult to maintain.

Version 4.2 of the new feature of translating text after adding it to the translation platform. I will synchronize the progress again.

Thanks again for your help in translation.

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Version 4.2 of the firmware is now in beta. Around 170 translations have been added or adjusted due to new and improved features. Mostly in the Parental Control features.

I can help with German if you still require this. I’m a German citizen, so there is no language barrier from my side.

Best regards.

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I can see that you don’t plan to translate it in French yet, but when you’ll decide to, I’ll be happy to lend a hand.


@yuxin.zou, I would like to help translating the interface to Dutch. Unfortunately, I am unable to find a way of messaging you directly. Please let me know how to contact you.

Hello, I can help with Italian. I also can’t figure out how to DM you directly.

Hi, I can also help with the Italian translation from English, in case you need, feel free to contact me in PM.

Hi, I can also help you translate from English to Polish.

Hi, I’m native Spanish speaker, i can help translate.

I wish that you also audit the English web interface. It contains some grammatical errors, difficult to understand references and broken English.

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I am native English and would be willing to help with grammar etc

I want to contribute to the Italian translations.
PS. i can’t DM you directly, new user here.


I am an IT-Guy and hobby hardware developer. If needed i can also help with german.