[Help] Cannot access AP GL-Inet B1300 console

Working on macOS…

Hi, recently I started to configure my GL-Inet B1300 AP but in my home I have my router with the following IP: and the AP has so I changed my GL-Inet AP IP to but when I try to go to the console (putting in the screen appears the following message:


You don’t have permission to access this resource in /cgi-bin/

Maybe I did something wrong???


If you want to set up in AP mode, in the B1300 admin panel, go to more settings->network mode and choose AP mode.

Pls do not change LAN IP to Because it is working in router mode and it has to use a different subnet than your main router.

Hi alzhao, I know what you are telling me but the thing it’s the following:

B1300 has IP, but my network it’s 192.168.1.X so I canno’t access to the configuration panel.

That is because you changed the LAN IP to 1.2.

Now, pls disconnect B1300 from your main router, connect to its wifi or lan and you should be able to access the web panel at If not, press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds to reset it and try again.

I have reset it , here you have how it’s all:

Right now I’m in the following network:

So, do you mean I will be able to access to the console while I’m in another network?


Here the error (I’m disconnected off the network because as far as I know my mac will find 2 routers with the same IP, this AP and my router so it will not know where it has to go and will collapse)

Seems you didn’t connect it correctly.

You should connect the WAN port to your main router, not the LAN port.

From your images, you should have connected the LAN port to the main router so it is bridged.

The last image “Forbidden” should be a message from your main router.

Finally I was able to access it, thanks for the help.