Help communicating between subnets

I have a mesh network ( which I will call MeshNet) at home and I have bought a GL-MT1300 Beryl router (LAN which I will call BerylNet) to help me with a Wireguard VPN Client, it is a device on my MeshNet.

I have an Nvidia Shield on BerylNet which can stream via the VPN just fine but I would like it to be able to access a NAS on MeshNet.

MeshNet consists of 2 nodes and and it’s DHCP server gives out addresses in the range It’s setup and configuration are quite tightly locked down, effectively an app which just figures it all out and I have to say seems to do a good job. I believe it cannot be set to AP mode but I can set the ‘WAN Connection Type’ to DHCP, Static IP, PPPOE or Bridge, it is currently set to DHCP.

If it helps I could make MeshNet ‘a device’ on BerylNet.

Can I get the 2 Net’s to communicate with each other?

Hello, I have resolved the problem with enter to each other subnets. But it’s not easy.
I have other brand router KEENETIC ULTRA (KEENETIC OS), ther is OVPN server. Also 2 OVPN clients. 1 OVPN client is PADAVAN router, second is GL-MIFI. Yesterday I got it worked together. I can give You a little bit info as I think the principle will be the same.

That would be great thanks

first of all I thing the Keenetic OS is the best ever since now (very nice interface, and easy managing, i own Keenetic Ultra KN-1810 model. It’s a flagman of Keenetic routers today). Also very pleasure and good are PADAVAN firmware, I own two routers (XIAOMI MI3G, and NEXX WT3020. Padavan is very fast and nice interface, also easy managing for simple people. But priblem was with modem through usb in Padavan, thats why i decided to buy used GL-MIFI. As I need to have Keenetic Ultra as a OpenVPN server, and others as a OpenVPN clients. GL-INET firmware is very heavyweight and there is a lot of work with it at the moment, also with this firmware my GL-MIFI router going end to life. If You really like the openWRT I am recommend You GoldenOrb firmware for GL-INET routers (link: ), also you can use it with other routers too, please see it’s documentation. It’s lightweight openWRT with GoldenOrbs interface, which is very nice for me. Today I have using it already about 3-4 days for testing on GL-MIFI, and I will leave with it. What Can I say with OPENVPN. Firs of all I recommend You learn it to write the config files (I am simple man, not programmer, and I have learned already a lot. I will not comment nothing about OpenVPN each command, you can find it on it’s website. But tell me what You done, and I will try You to help. I think on all routers Your plan should be:

  1. You need to create OpenVPN server (recommend config file)
  2. You need to open port 1194 in Firewall (as OpenVPN is using it)
  3. If Your OpenVPN clients has other subnets than Your openvpn server You should setup routes manually to it’s subnets (this is mine cases)
  4. Creating OpenVPN client’s config and client.
  5. creating rules in OpenVPN Clients Firewall.
    That’s it, You can enjoy with connections from each side of Openvpn server and Openvpn client

Also, OpenVPN will work just in case if all the routers will have it’s own internet provider. (different internet provider)