Help configuring GL-AR750S-EXT as downstream wireless client

Hey guys,

I’ve been racking my brains for a few days trying to figure out how to configure the Slate in the following way. I have an upstream Access Point, my router. I have a downstream client which has an Ethernet port and no WiFi. I’m trying to set up the Slate as a client of the upstream AP. The downstream client will be hardwired to one of the Slate’s LAN Ports. This way, the Slate is the WiFi bridge between the dummy non-WiFi client and the upstream AP (wireless router).

Its easy enough to turn the Slate into Client (WDS) mode and have it talk directly to the AP. However, I cannot access the downstream client directly from the AP. I can see the Slate as a client of my AP. The non-WiFi client hardwired to the Slate has a static IP that follow’s the LAN’s IP configuration. However, when I enter that IP into my browser, I cannot connect to the device. If I hardwire the device to my upstream AP, I can connect fine. It’s only when I put the slate in-between do I have trouble.

I’ve tried some Luci/OpenWRT stuff but nothing seems to help. I have used many electronic devices in the past that are pre-configured to interface with networks in this fashion so I know what I’m looking for is possible. It’s just way over my networking capabilities on how to get there. Any help?

Did you use network mode->wds to setup?

As I understand, wds is a real bridge. So as long as your non-wifi client get an IP from the main wifi, you should be able to access it directly.