Help configuring Gl-MT1300 as repeater using cable (not wifi)?

I’m actually an IT guy, but networking is not my specialty. My situation is this: I have a bad wifi dead spot in my home, no extender solves the problem. Bought the MT1300 to use as a repeater because I have hard-wired a LAN line up to the dead spot directly from the main router.

When I go into Admin on MT1300 to set up repeater, it seems to only give me the option to get internet access by using the wifi … the very thing that is a dead spot. What I want to do is cable-in my Ethernet for the MT1300 to have access to internet, and THEN to use it’s wifi signal there to get me coverage into my dead spot. I can’t see how to configure it as a repeater (using same SSID and password as the master router), without having it trying to use the very bad/non-existent wifi signal in the dead spot.

Any help would be most appreciated.
Thank you!

In your case, the GL-MT1300 should not be a “repeater” because you do not have a wifi signal in the dead spot to “repeat”.

I think you should set up the GL-MT1300 as an “access point” Admin Panel → MORE SETTINGS → Network Mode and plug in the Ethernet cable.

What you want is Access Point mode (AP). Found in the More Settings-Network Mode.

LAN port from your main router to the WAN port of the Beryl. Setup AP mode. Your AP will take on a DHCP address from your main router so you need to be able to see what address it’s being given if you want to administor the AP via the network (or even better give it a static IP from your main router)

You should be able to then connect to the AP and change to make it the same as your main network (or setup the same SSID before you put into AP mode) . Should also set the network bands (both 2.4 and 5) to be on different channels to your main router.

Thank you, that’s awesome! I’ll try that and get back to you if I have any issues, but it sounds like you both have it right.