Help connecting a AR750 to a college network Eduroam


I am asking this for my daughter. She trying to connect an AR750 to the network in her dorm so that she can use her Sonos. She is having trouble and we have gone through the steps and are both confused. Does anyone here have any experience with this and can give a hint as to what she should do and what settings to use.

Thanks in advance for the help

We really need more information. To start, the basics: Is the 750 connected via Ethernet, or is it in WiFi Repeater mode?

We tried both and couldn’t get it to work. She connects with a username and password so the repeater piece didn’t work at all. We tried the PPPoE with the ethernet cable in each port and it didn’t connect either.

That is all that we have tried. I didn’t know if someone saw the Eduroam roam in the title and knew of it.

Thanks for replying

eduroam wireless uses WPA2-Enterprise (the username and password). At least at my school there was a website you had to go to to register devices to connect to the ethernet. Check your school’s IT information on how to do this.

In order to connect to WPA2-Enterprise network, pls try firmware 3.005 from here GL.iNet download center
In old firmware v2.x it is not easy to do.

Thank you all for the responses I will update the firmware and try it.

I will post the results.



We updated the firmware to 3.005.1030 and it upgraded successfully but she still couldn’t get it to connect to the Eduroam network. We tried every option that had a username and password option but there was not a WPA option to be checked
It is certainly tricky with her being away at school and on the phone trying it. I think we may just get an Amazon Echo Show gen 1 and bring the Sonos home at Thanksgiving.

Any ideas before we bag the Sonos idea?

Thanks for all the help and suggestions.

Check this link out. You will need ssh access

Could you please ssh to the router, and issue iwinfo wlan1 scan, parse the output here. Tell us which SSID od you need to connect. Our v3.0 only support 802.1x authenticate type.

Thanks again for the suggestions but I think we are giving up on this router and going in a different direction.

The help and responses are very much appreciated