Help creating a guest network

Hello, I’m a total noob with all this. Is it possible to create a guest network on the MT300N? Tried creating a new AP to serve as the guest endpoint but everytime I lose wireless connectivity. So I’m thinking if this supports a dual AP setup and if yes I’ll be glad to get some help. Btw I’m on 2.264 firmware. Thanks.

Hello! I’m not sure 100% with your MT300-N but with AR750 and AR-750S the new testing firmwares 3.013 add new Guest network in routers
Look here: GL.iNet download center


Thanks David I’ll give it a go and report back Asap.

Ok the firmware does the job perfectly. I have successfully set up a guest ap but somehow it’s not being routed over the vpn tunnel. Can I get a little push on the firewall rules? Thanks a lot again.

You want the guest goes via vpn as well? You may need to edit /etc/config/firewall manually.

Add guest network’s zone to vpn forwarding rules.

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Awesome thanks a bunch. It works perfectly. One more thing though seems changing the mac address of the the AP’s isn’t configurable. I could do that on the AR750 without trouble. Any work around? :slight_smile: