Help! Having issue installing luci on my mt300n v2 mango

I’m trying to get luci because none of my port forwarding is working on my lan ethernet connect to my Helium hotspot miner through TorGuard vpn using Wire Guard on a dedicated IP. I need port 44158 open.
Below is the message i get while trying to install Luci on my GL.inet mt300n v2
current version is 3.211 any ideas how to fix this?


Status: installed failed

Stderr: Please update software packages in APPLICATIONS|Plug-ins

I go to apps plugins clicked update it seems like it’s updating but i still get that message.

SSH to the router and use

opkg update
opkg install luci 

But I don’t this will solve the port forward problem. In the default UI, you can port forward (both tcp and udp) 44158 from vpn zone to your Helium without problem.

The problem is that, does Torgaurd really give you an IP address that you can use port 44158?

What I heard is that you can never do this with commercial VPN providers. A dedicated IP does not mean you own that IP address and you can use all the ports.

I fixed it after hours of frustration. No more relay on my helium hotspot miner. The dedication ip worked with wire guard through Torguard and port forwarded 44158 correctly on their side. On the router side i had to install luci and then in the luci interface under firewall set LAN to Wire Guard (or ovpn if that’s how you’re connecting) and the change Wire Guard to LAN and allow Forward/input/output and check masquerade then apply. The customer service at Torguard helped me with everything via about 20 emails back and forth. So a Helium miner ( i have 2 Rak miners) Can work properly on the MT300N V2 (Mango) with dedicated ip through vpn and port forward correctly. Very happy now. :+1:

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Thanks this is a great share.