Help me hide device

Hello guys,
I am a beginner here. So the very purpose of me buying the GL router was to extend my rooms WIFI, which only allows 5 devices at a time. However, the network policy mentions not to use any kind of repeaters to extend the network.
I have figured out how to extend the wifi network. But Is there ANY WAY to hide or disguise the GI router from the provider’s list of connected devices

Thank You.

My thoughts: I don’t think you can hide the GL router connection but any device connected via it should be hidden, especially if you use a VPN.
Why don’t you simply try it and see (please report back with your findings).

Yay. I know that. But i am hoping if I could hide the router itself. Let me try spoofing with a different mac Id.

Thank you for your reply though

I don’t know how they detect you are using repeater and is it reasonable to do that.

But you can clone your phone’s mac to the router so that their network only knows your phone is connected if they only check mac addresses.