Help me. resistor miss

Hellow. I have gl-mt300a. When i open a case, I lost resistor. Tell me the value of the resistor R151. Thank you for any help!

Pls use 0402/10KΩ resistor.

Thank you very much!

Just one more hint. Your PCB is damaged, you may need to jump wire and solder the two pins.


And the two pin is winbond pin?e1fd3885e4e2793348f14dd95fb15c4d5107d9c3

It seems one pin to me.

I mean R151 connect with pin of winbond? Sorry for my bed english

I think so. This is not easy!

To me it looks like the trace that broke with the resistor is not going directly to the Winboard chip, looks like it continues next to it.

I recommend you just scrape some of the track where the resistor was, and solder a small jumper there, avoiding the chip just to be sure.