HELP ME (wifi pineapple firmware)

I flashed the router with the Wifi Pineapple nano firmware, and during the setup there is a screen that asks me to hit the reset button on the pineapple.


but obviously since it is a ar150 pressing the reset button does nothing.



if any of you have some suggestions please post them, and no “there is no way kill yourself”.




The RESET button works exactly the same on the AR150 as the Pineapple (at least mine works). I do not want to suggest anything but maybe you just press it wrongly? :slight_smile: .

when i press the reset button it kicks me off the network (pineapple_****) and connects me to my normal internet, and doesnt let me join the pineapple.

then it disappears from my list of networks and doesnt show up again until i unplug the ar150 and plug it back in.

also what does the switch on the side do?


if it affects anything i have it pointed away from the reset button.


Sorry I have no experience in pinapple.