Help needed: How can I make a MT300N-V2 router 'invisible' to a LAN port device?


I’m in a strange situation where the place I’d like to put my MT300N-V2 router is in an office where there is only one Ethernet port in the wall. What I thought I would do is plug the router into the WAN by the wall port, and then connect the office PC to the GL.Inet router’s LAN port (so Wall WAN Port → ROUTER WAN Port → ROUTER LAN Port → Office PC) however by doing this, I am preventing the office PC from being able to log in to any network accounts.

Is there any way I can make the router effectively invisible from devices in the LAN port and channel all the data through directly to the WAN while running a wireless VPN connection?

Many thanks,

In order to connect all of your office PC to you main network, you cannot use vpn. You need to set the router in AP mode.

But if you want to set up two network, one with vpn and another in AP, that can be done. But complicated. Even you can set this up you may mess up your settings easily. It is not worth to do this in a cheap mini router. Just use two routers to achieve what you want.