Help needed

I have recently changed dns provider to controld and I want to use DOQ or DOH on the router, when I go to dns settings there is no way to add a new dns provider there are only two options nextdns and cloudflare

What is the model of your device? What is the firmware version?
ControlD with DoH has been added to the 4.x firmware.

I am using 1800 Flint on the latest beta 3 firmware, and no as in I pay for my own controld dns subscription where I have full control just like nextdns.

Basically I have Dns over quic and I want to use this but in the settings on encrypted dns there only shows nextdns and cloudflare, I wish there to be controld to the list to put my own doh and or doq

You seem to have chosen DNS over TLS? Please switch to DNS over HTTPS.

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