Help on native windows l2tp client on the lan

Hi everyone,
I’ve been trying the products for a while now,
I set up a router in simple configuration.
ISP Router ( → GL-SFT1200 ( → Lan (
no enable for vpn server on router GL-SFT1200, not needed,
only browsing for a few PCs

after this setup, the native windows l2tp client on the lan ( fails to connect to the remote corporate l2tp server. returns a nat problem.

no problem if instead my l2tp client is in the ISP router LAn (

is there a setting on the GLI that blocks the use of l2tp clients in the lan ? and how to disable it?

I tried enabling the VPN Policies, or putting the client in the DMZ to avoid some blocking rules. but without success

GL-SFT1200 Fw:3.215

any suggestions?
Thank you so much

This may be the problem:

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

Thanks wcs2228,
what a fool i am…
I forgot this problem in windows, I’ll try right away… thanks for reminding me! :slight_smile:
I’ll let you know if resolved