Help suggesting hardware

I’m looking for a way to setup a VPN for when I travel. I’d like to take my Roku or Apple TV with me, along with a travel router, and use those devices as if I was at home. When I travel to another country I want to be able to use those devices as if I were still in my home country. I’ve decided that I like the Beryl for my travel router as it boasts Wireguard speeds of 91Mbps. So, I was planning to configure my travel router as my Wireguard client. At home I would purchase another gl.Inet product and setup a Wireguard server on it. Is the the correct way to do this? I don’t need WiFi at home as I already have a WiFi mesh solution. Thanks to everyone in advance for your suggestions.

You can have a MV1000 which does not have wifi. You can set up it as Openvpn or Wireguard server.

There are two things you should pay attention:

  1. Your home wifi should have a public IP and you should set up port forward in your main router. Then connect the WAN port of MV1000 to the LAN port of your home router. Set it up as vpn server.
  2. Because you use two GL routers which has the same LAN IP, you should change one of them to others e.g.

Everything else should be done as to the online instructions Overview - GL.iNet Docs


Thanks for the reply. So I think you’re saying:

| (public ip x.x.x.x wan port)
| [WiFi mesh router]
| ( lan port)
| ( wan port)
| [Brume]
| (192.168.8.x lan port)

Port forwarding rule on my mesh WiFi router for real ip x.x.x.x to And what ports?


Default ports

OpenVPN: port 1194
Wireguard: port 51820

You can change these ports when you set up vpn server though.

Awesome, thank you for the assistance!

You can put the brume in front of your network too, and set your mesh router as AP, the brume performs really well as an edge router, that’s what I did and I’m very satisfied with my setup…

The other thing to take note is that the download speed on your client will only ever be maximum the upload of your Wireguard Servers link. e.g If you have 100/20Mbps link on your home Wireguard Server link you’ll only ever get a maximum of up to 20Mbps on your client.

Thank you, very helpful information.