HELP! what's the best way to block youtube and other rubbish websites in GL inet products? thx


Currently I wish to COMPLETELY, 24/7x365 block youtube and some websites like etc within
my GL inet product, they include brumeW, and others.

previously I tried using the plugin “adblock” and type the websites there.

May I ask is this the best way? (i dont want to modify the windows, want to do at the router level).

The blockage only need to be static and doesn’t need to vary with time or other factors.
Thank you.

You use Brume, right?

You can enable AdguardHome and block these website.

yes i use brume.

but I want a simple solution.

if I enable adguard, it also affect TONS of websites that it default build in, for some advertising service I think.

so I only tried and is quite success with adblock, so wanna ask is this is best solution…
honestly it would be nice if your side could provide a list of youtube sites to block as
utube seems is a collection of website, it’s not only but also say or etc.

helps appreciated thx.

AguardHome and Adblock are different things. AguardHome lets you block Facebook, Youtube and many other services APART from adblocking if you enable that.