Help with GL-AR750S

I own a GL-AR750S and currently have it setup in repeater mode, My network consists of a router connected wireless to the Slate then I have ethernet cable running from the Slate to a printer and a server. I wanted to be able to print from my laptop and also have access to the server. When logged into the main router I cannot print or see the server from the laptop. If I log onto the Slate’s SSID, I am able to print, but I cannot access the server. Can anyone help me correct whatever I don’t have right? The server is headless and where I keep my files, so I need access. Thanks for any help and guidance.

Can you set the Router in extender mode? In this way, both your saerver and printer will be bridged to your main wifi network.

Do this in more settings->network mode

This is very helpful article and solve all issue thanks for sharing this.