Help with OpenWrt optimal settings / benefit of router for privacy?

Hi all,

Purchased a GL-MT300N-V2 for the purpose of privacy over a public Wi-Fi connection. May have a cable connection if possible with ethernet to my laptop, but so far I’ve set up a wireless (repeater) connection.

Used the simple interface to upload a config generated from Mullvad VPN (OpenVPN. The ‘Apply’ button did not work for WireGuard?). It works, but how do I tell settings are optimal? The web guide is more in-depth. Is it recommended to install via this method using the advanced features, or is that not possible?

I’ve used the Mullvad VPN app that has a killswitch/forced connection. Is the main advantage of this device that I can connect several devices without having to set up an individual VPN for each? Would like to understand how to configure this neat device correctly so that my connection remains secure as possible, as I’m quite confused currently. Thanks for any assistance.

  • You should read this guide. WireGuard Client - GL.iNet Docs
  • If you set up the WireGuard Client in admin web page, it will force to VPN by default, it won’t exist data leak.