Help with Tailscale subnet router/overlay

Using the Beryl AX, GL-MT3000 and connected to my Tailnet. What I would like to be able to do is have any device that connects to the Beryl be able to access machines on the Tailnet using their Tailscale defined IP.

For example, if I have a Plex system that is accessible on my Tailnet at, and my Beryl is also on the Tailnet, I would like to be able to have a laptop connect through the Beryl router and be able to hit the – even when the laptop itself is not in the Tailnet, only the Beryl router is.

This might be more of a limitation with Tailscale than the Beryl, but I guess you could say what I’m looking for is a “reverse subnet router” for Tailscale. Anything connected to the Beryl network can see the machines on the Tailnet.

Is that possible?

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Replying to my own question…

As of firmware v4.5.16, this looks to be working the way I wanted it to. When I connect to Tailscale, it is adding static routes automatically and now any device that connects to the router can access the Tailscale machines without Tailscale installed, i.e. a laptop that doesn’t have Tailscale explicitly installed on it can access my Tailnet when connected to the router.