Hiding multiple devices

I bought the device GL-MT300N-V2, ffor the sole purpose for a holiday where we will ger internet access for 1 device and I want to connect the router as the single device/mac address and then use more than one device at the same time

I have tested it on my home network and get full internet access on my laptop through the device , however when I look on my home router it shows the device connected as the laptop with the name of it , so does not appear to be working as I wanted

Any suggestions and details appreciated on how I can resolve this
I have heard about NATing and undertand the principles but no idea if thiis is what I need to do and if this is what I need to do


When you are connecting to your router, make sure you connect using the WAN port.

On holiday I will only be able to connect to the ship WiFi not via a cable
So that is not an option


Hello. So you connect your GL-MT300N-V2 to WIFI as a repeater.
Check that the network IP of your GL-MT300N-V2 is different from the WIFI IP of the boat. For example, if the ship’s WIFI is 192.168.1.x, your GL-MT300N-V2 has to create another wifi network at 192.168.8.x. As is by default. Ship’s Wifi will only see your GL-MT300N-V2 connected, not the other devices connected to the GL-MT300N-V2. Hide your Wi-Fi network from the GL-MT300N-V2 so that it is not as visible to other passengers or crew.
I hope this is the solution to the problem.

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Then you should be fine - if you are repeating the wifi signal of the ship - it’s using the WWAN (wireless WAN).

Great thanks

But how can I tell its in repeater mode?


By repeater it means this


So I am on board the ship and the way you login to the ship is via a browser , with a username and passord , however in the router control panel the only option seems to be to enter the wifi code which will not work in this case , Is there anyway to open a browser from the router ?


Hello, you need to connect to your GL.iNet router’s wifi first with your phone or laptop browser .
Then in your browser type (login/password of your router).

You are now in the Admin Web router page. In Repeater function, make Scan and then Connect the router to the ship’s wifi name. If there is wifi password put it there. (WEP/WPA/WPA2, etc)

When the router is connected to the ship’s wifi, make refresh on your browser or type www.google.com or anything and the ship’s wifi login page will appear in your phone or laptop browser.

Then put there your Ship’s wifi login and pass and you are connected to the internet.

Connect all your devides to your router wifi.

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Connection to WiFi is not an issue as its free access to an intranet
But once connected in order to access Internet you need to access the portal on a web browser and login this is the part I don’t know how to do on the router control panel
Works fine on the laptop or phone


One option is like stated before by @David.
Other option i sometimes do:

  • i connect to the network with my telephone (open network, login on web page with username and password) and test if it’s working.
  • poweron router, connect same telephone to GL-inet-router
  • login to router, connect router to wifi with repeater option
  • navigate to “more settings” > “Mac clone” and change “your router (wan)” to the MAC of your telephone
  • test again if you have connection (with your telephone through your router). Any device connecting to your router will now access to the wifi with 1 username and password you were given.

The first thing is to connect the router to the exiting wifi network, which has a cative protal.

Then refer to this post to get through the portal Connect to Captive Portal - GL.iNet Docs

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That worked perfectly thank you soooo much

Really appreciated

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