High packet loss with GL-AX1800 4.0 release 2

Around 10-20% packet loss, when using speed test app to test. 3.x firmware most time has 0% packet loss. Download speed of firmware 4.x is the same as 3.x. Upload speed seems has huge fluctuations which may cause the high packet loss rate.
Anyone has the same issue? High packet loss rate doesn’t affect my internet performance. I can still play Stadia without issue(No lagging, average 3MB/s).

Which speedtesting app? On wifi or cable?

Ookla, wifi with iphone13. First result is 3.x, second one is 4.x

4.0.1 b2 still has high packet loss, 25% packet loss compare with the same server with 3.214 firmware. Wi-Fi cut off in 4.x firmware?

hmm I noticed after long use that the connection could get slowed down but only on the early 4.0 builds it gets worse if I start using sqm also on the latest beta, where can I disable this qca qos driver?, But I did not noticed packet loss.

though on your screenshot I see t-mobile, do you have your connection shared with t-mobile that it priorities with wifi?

Try to fully disconnect from t-mobile cellphone internet and check again, I do know some devices using this option still can choose over your cell phone internet and give the assumption you use wifi.

I don’t have packet loss when using as repeater to my main WiFi.

Can you tell me how you connect to the Internet?

I’m using a network cable to connect to the T-Mobile Home Internet 5g Gateway. I compare with Stadia performance, 3.x firmware seems smoother than 4.x firmware. Tested within an hour, the problem of network congestion should be ruled out

I’m using a network cable to connect to the T-Mobile Home Internet 5g Gateway.

Understood. So seems a problem related to 5G network. I will check in my side.