High ping using NordVPN on a GL-MT3000

Currently, I am located in the UAE and utilizing the GL-MT3000 as a VPN solution with NordVPN
I have encountered an issue wherein the ping, measured at approximately 500 milliseconds, is unacceptably high while connected to the GL-MT3000 via a wired connection. Conversely, when I evaluate the identical NordVPN connection on my MacBook, the ping registers at a more reasonable 160 milliseconds. The reason why it is still high because NordVPN does not have a server close to the UAE.

I seek guidance on resolving this matter and optimizing the ping performance while using the GL-MT3000 as my VPN.

How is the GL-MT3000 to the Internet? Ethernet or WiFi? And what is the VPN protocol in use?

Try also to upgrade to beta firmware: Version: 4.2.3 release1

Thanks for the reply.

I always use Ethernet (wired).
I have no idea what VPN protocol I use but it’s a big list of NordVPN servers you can download and import into OpenVPN on the GL-MT3000.

I have noticed a considerable improvement in performance after upgrading to the 4.2.3 release1. Previously, I experienced a ping of 500, which has now been reduced to 350. Furthermore, I have established an even closer connection, resulting in a ping of 155 which is the same as when I check the ping without the GL-MT3000 in between it.

For longer distances the problem isn’t fixed 100% but with the less distance one it is all good.

I genuinely appreciate your assistance in this matter.

Glad to know you have fixed it.

Just a tip: always use the same server for testing; for example if you use your MacBook to connect to a vpn location in Frankfurt then use your router to connect to the same exact server. Then by comparing the ping latency of the two you can detect any problems!

The VPN protocol you are using is OpenVPN; if you want the fastest speed use wireguard.

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What is WAN(Wide Area Network or the Connection to the Internet service provide)?

Wireguard might be better but with long pings you may run into issues with missing packets cause there is not redundancy in info sent like OpenVPN

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