High router temperatures

I own three routers:

GL-MV1000W (MV1000W heats up the most and fails)

They all get very hot and stop working correctly. I have a question for the developers, which of the following devices is best for high temperatures? How about the new GL-SFT1200?

What is your environment temperature?

You can check the cpu temperatures on some Linux terminal by typing the follow:

CPU temperatures of Intel PC CPUs are often specified up t 105°C.
I dont know the specification of gl used CPUs, a 90°C should be no problem by any CPU vendor. It can be, temperatures up to 60°C are the best.

From my point of view, the hardware of gl routers dont have problems.

Actual firmware can found on follow (It can be the Link to download section are not available since some days on gl website by navigation menue, a can still found by google …)

For known bugs, you can check the follow:

check this thread first: Gl-mv1000w gets very hot - Routers - GL.iNet (gl-inet.com)

root@GL-MT1300:~# sensors
-ash: sensors: not found

Unfortunately, only MV-1000(W) has thermal sensors built inside, other models don’t have them.

You must install “lm-sensors” package first then execute “sensors” command to get your MV-1000 temperature output.

Do know if you have any routers that can get to around 125 degree F? This will be used in an RV and won’t have AC while in storage. Thanks.

This temperature is too high for product with battery.

Do all your routers have batteries? It seems the travel routers, home routers, and LTE routers all have a max of 104 degree Fahrenheit limit. The only ones that don’t are the commerical units, which don’t seem possible to buy anywhere.