Hilton hotel: can’t connect

Just checked into our hotel and I can’t get it connected. I have tried cloning the phone Mac ID and still no joy. I got this for this trip specifically and it worked fine at home. It has to be the captive page but if I am spoofing the MAC shouldn’t it just work?

So you can’t connect via your phone, authenticate, surf then clone the MAC to your GL device?

It didn’t work. Even with my MAC ID showing under clone. I’m stuck, and frustrated.

Without repeating them, did you try the other ideas?

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Is it possible to relay successfully, but no network?

Not sure what you mean. Here is what I did.

Logged in with phone to hotel network and got authenticated after the captive page.

I copied down the MAC address, the assigned IP and dns and then switched to my router and input all of those as a static MAC, static ip with fields matching the iPhone. It will initially show as “online” and then flickers out to offline. I’m never able to load a page or anything.

I don’t know how to debug this. If it’s pretending to be the iPhone, how can they be blocked?

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I did. I’m out of things to copy from the iPhone to the router to pretend.

Update: as a last ditch effort, I cloned my iPad instead of the phone and lo and behold, it worked


Glad it worked :slightly_smiling_face:

If I were you, my brain would switch to overload trying to figure out why it didn’t work with the iPhone clone :rofl:
I’d love to hear any theories from the community here.

Apple gonna Apple. /s

Puzzling, but it’s good that it works. Do you have, by any chance, enabled “Private Wi-Fi address” in ship wifi settings (the “i” button)? Could you compare that between your iPad na iPhone?

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I did. What worked for me:

  • iPad was initially set to private address when i authenticated to the hotel system.

  • I wrote down the private MAC that it was using and then turned off private.

  • I took that written down MAC and put that as the MAC for the router

Everything then worked.


Interesting. So, just the MAC, and not the IP/DNS/default gateway.

I spent a couple of hours this morning diving into the captive portal offerings, and it seems clear to me the cruise ships/resorts have spent the covid downtime installing clever stuff. The advertising for these clever bits (“increase cross-selling”, “maximize revenue opportunities”) is pretty clear.

Also: my entire approach to digital life, to be entirely in the cloud, is half completely wrong and half completely right.

(Oh, how I feel this pain.)

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