Hints for Brume 2 Setup in Home Network


i bought a brume 2 and i am unsure what is the best practice to include it in the home network. Maybe you could share some hints or expieriences.

My main goal is to have a DMZ (without exposed host).

I have the following devices

  • WLAN Router with Modem (Main Router)
  • Brume 2
  • A manged 5 Port Switch to define different VLANs vor Home Network and DMZ
  • A WLAN Router (will be used in AP Mode)

So what would be the best place for the Brume?

Option 1: Behind Main Router

Option 2: Behind Switch

I think, Option 1 will fit my requirements better, because the Brume shall be a device to secure my home network with an additional layer (Firewall, VPN Access, maybe Adguard).

What would you prefer and why?

Thank you

Seems both Options provides an additional layer to Home Network. The difference is where to put the Mangaged Switch.
You could have a third option which is to use Brume2 in drop-in gateway mode.


Yes, I thought about the drop-in option. But I am a little bit unsure, how it works. As I understood it right, all network requests will go through the Brume like a man in the middle. But don’t i need to place the Brume before the switch (option 2) because of the different vlans?


Sorry not notice the VLAN of the switch. If use it as drop-in gateway, they should be in the same VLAN.

Ok, thank you for the fast reply. Then I think I will try Option 1 with and without drop-in to understand the difference :wink:

In Option 2, what minimum setup I need to do for Baume 2? I mainly want it for all in LAN to use OpenVPN.

Please note the following current setup:

  • ISP Router provide DHCP.
  • LAN switch to connect end points (PC’s, AP’s,…etc.)

I a also want to achieve 2nd option but i didnt have success. What i did(no in order, just tell me what im missing please):

1-Change de WAN port on BRUME2 to LAN port

2-Disable the DHCP server in the brume 2 in LUCI

3-Put a static ip address to brume 2 in the range of the main router: the router, the brume 2

4-Connect the “WAN” port in brume 2(now its LAN of course as i change it) to the main router and the 2nd lan to the switch.

5- i Got a DHCP server on the main router as with service from .64 to .254 for DHCP leases,with the DNS correctly configured with the ISP(i got internet perfectly without the BRUME 2)

Question, maybe is something related to gateway in the config?.

What happens is:

-If i do PC->Brume 2->switch(managed,static ip,same range as brume2)->main router->ONT(bridge mode) it works.

-if i do PC->Switch(managed,static ip,same range as brume 2)->Brume 2->main router->ont(bridge mode) it DOESNT work. ← i want this obviously as will filter all the subnet.

what im missing?.
-if i don PC->switch managed(

Please refer to

Isp router>brume>everything else. You want the fastest most secure router serving the network and everything else connects to that. Otherwise you’ll make it too complicated trying to find where the break is.

It’s easiest to zone the house by front/back or up/down etc then only half the house drops out and you instantly know where the break is.

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