HK Purchase and Shipping

  1. Why are the GL-iNet routers at Fortress and Yoho only the older ones? Are the new ones (Flint, Brume2, SlatePlus, SlateAX, SpitzAX) available in a any store? I prefer to buy in store and would buy several of the newer ones if they were available.

  2. If buying online, is it possible to have a purchase be shipped to an SF Express locker in Hong Kong? I don’t see this option. It seems only possible to enter a regular address.

Thank you.

Hi,You can purchase these routers at gl.inet’s Hong Kong office.#203, 19W, Hong Kong Science Park, N.T. Hong Kong

We have already updated the products to Fortress and Yoho but they do not update their website yet.
You could also purchase the AX1800, AXT1800 from our HK web store: GLiNET
If you want to buy in-store, you could purchase from our HK office: Flat 203, 19W, Hong Kong Science Park, N.T. Hong Kong

Thank you for the quick replies.

I will check in store at Fortress and Yoho about the newer routers.

Otherwise maybe I will come to the GL-iNet office to buy them as you suggested. Would I need to arrange with the office in advance which products I want and when to arrive or is it okay to just visit during the opening hours?

Pls send email to cs at for stock availability.

@alzhao, I emailed and then but haven’t heard back yet. It has only been a couple of days since I emailed but I need to buy them soon. Is there any other way to contact the office about the stock availability there?

I think someone has contacted with you.

Yes. Thank you for your help and replies and thank you especially to Heison for the top class and friendly service.

As someone who much prefers to buy in person in store, I really appreciate the opportunity to buy directly from your office, though it would be nice if at least a couple of stores had stocks of some of your routers.