Home VPN server and nothing else

I have a GL-MT300N-V2 that I want to use ONLY as a home VPN server.
I have tried wireguard, but it doesnt work.

I have it my network, via cable. I would like to have the wireless disabled.

[mobile phone]-------internet-------[home router]—MT300&other devices

is there any guide online to configure like this?

many thanks.

Did you configure port forwarding in your main router?

You must configure a port forwarding, and your main router must have a public IP address.

Hello kyson-lok,
please do you van explane how to…
i have this problem too…
Please explane to me and other that are not super good to use vpn…
We need to create port F. in the home router, right, which address we need to put ?
Thanks in advance.

Yes, if the GL router is behind the firewall, you have to configure port forwarding. The port for OpenVPN is 1194 by default.

Hi Kyson, ok, but i don’t using open vpn but my home vpn by asus router rtn10u.
If i have internet connection by GL router, why the vpn client of windows can’t connecting to the home vpn ?

Could you please draw a network topology? Not sure what’s the question you ask.

Guys… you need to know that in this forum we have many superman!
Thanks to all, i resolved by Kyson help!!