Home VPN Server - Travel Router not using home IP

I set up a Home Router VPN Server so while I’m traveling my IP still shows that I’m at home in the states.

I’m using AXT1800 <=> AXT1800, with WireGuard VPN client/server setup.
Home Modem - Xfinity xFi
Home Router (VPN) - AXT1800 - WireGuard Server - location: FL
Travel Router - AXT1800 - WireGuard Client - location: CA
Connecting Device: Macbook Pro

Both AXT1800’s are on version 4.4.6.

I’m using GoodCloud so I’m able to access the admin panel of the Home Router.

I followed this video to get it set up.
I added port forwarding through Xfinity mobile app.

From the Travel Router in CA - when I check speedtest.net or run curl ipinfo.io, the Travel Router is saying it’s in CA when it should be saying FL.


  • I am able to access the internet from the Travel Router from CA (and while in FL using mobile hotspot to connect).

  • I did a sanity check while in CA with IP Vanish VPN by using a server in FL, and after running curl ipinfo.io it said the IP was in FL. So something is up with the Home/Travel Router setup.

  • I also checked the Home Router’s Admin Panel > VPN Dashboard. It says that the Travel Router is connected. I’ve cut out the IP’s in the images below.

  • I checked the toggle button to make sure it wasn’t off. It was off, but it isn’t configured. I switched it to the on position though.

  • I saw this post where they used traceroute domain.com, but I’m not sure exactly what to look for.

I’m not exactly sure where to go from here.

Alright, I figured it out. I just created a new config file on the VPN Server and set that up with the client.

I also verified the server vpn was working by testing with my current config in the WireGuard mac app from the app store.

I did curl ipconfig.io and got the correct location.
I also ran traceroute google.com and saw that the location in the urls was from the Home Router and not the Travel Router’s location.