Home Wireless performance

Right now I have a single AR-150 with external antenna serving as my main home router. I will soon have a wired-only router (Mikrotik hEX RB750Gr3) that can provide CPU intensive tasks, such as QoS, VPN, etc. I also put in a lot of 1Gbit Ethernet throughout the house, meaning that my main computers, game consoles, TV streaming, etc is hardwired. I also have the option of placing additional APs throughout the house, at least in rooms that get a lot of wireless traffic.

So, I am looking for recommendations for APs that function just as APs, but ones with rock-solid, relatively speedy wireless performance. I am not worried about super-high-power (since I have lots of options on placing multiple, wired-backhaul APs).

Some questions:

  1. Of the several GL-inet travel routers with 802.11n, is there discernible wireless performance advantages between them? (There are, I’m sure differences in CPU performance, but for my application, I don’t think CPU is a bottleneck.)

  2. As the 2.4 GHz spectrum is crowded, I can see a 5.8GHz radio being attractive. Is GL-AR750 the only 5 GHz radio option from GL-inet at present?

  3. The GL-B1300 is coming soon. Since I have Ethernet throughout my home, I won’t be needing its Mesh capabilities. But will its wireless performance (AC) be superior to the GL-AR750?

AR750 ad B1300 is the only 5G devices from us in 2017. We start to have B1300 now. Its wireless performance is better than AR750 of course, as it has double 5G speed than AR750. Because you have 1Gbit Ethernet, you need B1300 which has 1Gbit Ethernet.