Hosting a VPN server while tethering

Is it even possible to host a VPN server and have it accessible via WAN using an IPhone tether?

I can successfully connect and access local devices via VPNs hosted on my Slate router from the internet if I forward ports on my home router. When I switch the same router to tether mode and connect to an Android phone, IOS Phone, or Verizon hotspot device (not officially listed as a ‘modem’), I cannot connect. I forwarded all the ports I think are necessary on the Verizon device, and even turned on DMZ to the Gl-Inet router’s IP. I suspect what I am trying to do is only possible with an approved modem.

Mobile internet providers do not give you a public external IP. You are behind a CGNAT on their side. That’s the most likely reason you cannot connect. The same will be with any SIM modem.

Check out services like AstroRelay, they may have an ability to circumvent that, but I have never investigated the details.

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