Hotel LAN to GL-MT1300 to my laptop...possible?

I’m new here, and hope someone can answer my question. I just got a GL-MT1300 and am hoping to use it in this way: Plug into a hotel room’s LAN connection for internet connectivity, then use the GL-MT1300 to use our laptops connect to the GL-MT1300 via WiFi so that we can both get internet, and use VPN if possible. Is this possible?

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yes, that’s possible. It depends on the LAN of the hotel, of course, but normally, you can just plug it in, and it will work out of the box.

Yes it should work. I have done this with other GL iNet routers without issues in the few hotels I have stayed in that still have Ethernet jacks. I do it all the time in Airbnbs, as most hosts just leave their Internet router out where I can access them.

Thanks Admon & Eric - it worked as you said! I’m good to go now, as far as Ethernet, and just need to play with the VPN more until I understand it better. I will be going to China, and want to get everything figured out and set up by then, as i know I won’t have free access to very much when I first arrive. I used to use ExpressVPN when I went to China in the past, but that was pre-Covid, and from what I’ve seen on Reddit, ExpressVPN isn’t working there like it use to. In any case, thanks for your replies, and I appreciate you taking the time! I’m up and running and loving my new MT3000!

Unfortunately, there aren’t many VPN providers you can use. Even my favorite Mullvad seem to have issues there.

The only really good way seems to be using Shadowsocks - which is far behind the regular “up and running” config of VPN.

@bring.fringe18 What do you think?

I think if the CPC isn’t blocking TLS then ShadowSocks &/or WireGuard-over-Stunnel is going to be the best bet for a fall-back position… you’ll just have to eat the performance hit… but I’ve also seen chatter stating to the effect they don’t seem to be as strict when enforcing against Westerners. That said I’m pretty sure that was all prior to COVID & the latest sabre rattling that’s been going on so YMMV.