Hotel SSID cannot be seen (AR300M)

I’ve had this happen a few times now but this is the first time I’ve had a chance to document it as I’m in the hotel. I’ve got a GL-AR300M running 2.261.


It will not detect the hotel’s SSID despite it being seen by my phone and computer. To get the connection working I went in to the advanced settings and renamed a saved SSID to the hotel’s (IHGConnect). Once I’ve done this I can reboot and it will automatically connect and work fine. The SSID details are below:

Mode: Client | SSID: IHGConnect

BSSID: 1E:8D:DB:C4:A2:4A | Encryption: None

Channel: 1 (2.412 GHz) | Tx-Power: 20 dBm

Signal: -67 dBm | Noise: -95 bBm

Bitrate: 115.6 Mbit/s | Country: US

Not sure what else is needed for a bug report here… but for some reason some SSID’s can’t be seen…

It is a 5GHz SSID and your router only has a 2,4 GHz radio module?

It is a 5GHz SSID and your router only has a 2,4 GHz radio module?

Nice try, no cigar!

From the message @LostDog posted, it is 2.4G SSID, not 5G.

Is it possible that the hotel has both 2.4G and 5G, the same SSID and the same password. But 2.4G SSID is hidden.

So, by doing this trick this problem solved.

Is this a reasonable explanation??




Your explanation seems reasonable. What is strange is this happened at the same hotel chain (Crowne Plaza) in two different parts of the United States. It must be something unique they are doing with their network. In both cases my workaround got me online.


In the future if I encounter this again is there anything you’d like me to capture to see if it’s a fix needed in the AR300M software or just a problem with the hotel’s network?