Hotspot Data Usage

Me and a few others on latest beta have had no issues before in Tmobile, but lately we are showing like 1.5gb of hotspot usage on maybe 300gb of data used in a month. Wondering if something was changed in the firmware to allow some to bypass the TTL setting.

Google services and other services from apps on mobile devices uses A LOT of data. Adguard is recommended on all devices where possible. I save GB’s of data each month.

Your ISP should have some kind of app or webpage where you can access to see your true data usage. Make sure they match.

If accessing cloud services your data consumption will double and network speed half. This is because the network sees the data twice to and from different sources.

Gigabit and Gigabyte are different by x10. Make sure you’re reading in bits for both or bytes for BOTH. Bytes is x10 less than bits because of how the network translates data. 1 gigabit line is 100 megabyte download speed. 100 megabit line is 10 megabyte download speed…

You can always access luci and check the history of all the data to see where it was going.

I undersrand that. But im not worried about totals being off. Im worried about possible data not being hid under rhe ttl setting

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I am using the T-Mobile Business Tablet plan with ID changed on the GL-X3000 Spitz to match my tablets without TTL settings and although it shows Data use on the T-mobile business page I have not been throttled after 10GB data use.

If your using a T-mobile phone ID with TTL what TTL settings are you using and are your settings set thru the GUI or via the Firewall settings.

Maybe its something tmobile is doing. Just started and maybe its a billing issue in their end. Im using 64 and hl 65. Me and others have tried many other ttls that used to work. Im doing it in the gui and he tried other ways I believe.

He had another brand router also and it was doing it also.

Ill update when i know more.

Do you have adguard running?

There are 8 bits in a byte, not 10.

Correct but there’s a start and stop bit at each end so that makes 10. Internet bits and bytes aren’t the same as hard drive bits and bytes.