Hotspot Mode

Im currently using the TL-WR902AC as my travel router but im considering upgrading to the GL-AR750S-Ext.

I utilise the Hotspot mode to be able to connect to my phones Hotspot and create a new SSID connection for all my devices to connect to. This works great and all but it only allows me to configure 1 Hotspot and if I want to use my wife’s hotspot I need to manually configure it.

Does the GL-AR750S-Ext utilise a similar system where I can turn my hotspot on and create a new SSID for all devices to connect to? Also does it have the option to look for either my hotspot or my wife’s hotspot automatically? or is this also a manual process?

The function you are referring to is the WISP repeater function. The AR750s will remember wifi hotspots and connected automatically when they are in range and you’ll still have your “private” wifi network to attach to.

The other thing is that you can also tether your phone via USB cable to get a “better” connection.