Hotspot tethering via usb not working on AR300M16 ext

I just purchased the travel router specifically for the hotspot tethering functionality and the dual Gb rj45 ports but even after activation of the setting on my phone for usb tethering (Samsung s22 ultra) it shows me as connected and ill momentarily get it to work and it immediately kicks on and off the connection for the wifi non stop, ive tried resetting router, factory reset, even new firmware via local installation and i still get same result every time i get it up and running, i even tried with my gf’s s23 ultra and same thing too. Any help with this would be cool as id be sad to have to return the device, also when it did “work” i was connected but never had internet access, and i checked with mobile provider my service provider has never restricted or stopped tether functionality or limit it so its not the issue either

You should return it anyway since the GL-AR300M16-EXT only uses 100 Mbps ports. There is no gigabit.

Would be sad if you discover this later :frowning:
Go for the Beryl or Opal - both are great and cheap for the given performance.

I’m going to throw in my 0.02USD: get the Slate Plus or Slate AX. If/when GL ceases support for updates, you’ll still have the option of updating to the latest OpenWrt Linux versions… brought to you by the herculean efforts of @solidus1983 .

(GL builds atop OpenWrt Linux)

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So i found the reason i was unable to tether via eth from mobile data and it turns out it was in fact being restricted by service provider as plan doesnt block hotspot but does restrict certain hardwired uses mainly using a router so any and every model will in turn not allow eth ot usb tethering but if i use Shadow in repeater mode it works flawlessly for its main use in being a emergency firewall router with eth functionality as well so i do thank you for help and i have in actuality ordered myself a better model as well to use for main goto, i yhinl Beryll is the model its called, just not the ax version as i dont really need it its nice wifi 6 but i work woth it enough that even ac wifi arpunf 500mbps or more is plenty and some

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