HotSpotSystem with GL-MiFi

i’m interested in GL-MiFi. I see that this software use OpenWrt .
Can i install on It CoovaChilli to use HotSpotSystem as Autentication with Social Login?
Thank You

You can use the Nodogsplash captive portal system directly on the Mifi and set up allowed ports, users etc.
More info here:

Coovachilli package is available in our repo, you can install it.

Some customers have tested it and works fine.

Dear kyson-lok,

can you explain how to add Coovachilli to GL-MiFi?

I’m interested too

The guide for your reference.

Just an advice, originating out of several various projects using coova-chilli on openwrt:
First do a setup in real LINUX using coova-chilli. As it is almost “Black Magic” to configure it correctly.
Then port it to openwrt.
BTW: I never use LuCI for coova-chilli on openwrt.