How can I activate Guest Wifi in Access Point Mode?

How can I activate Guest-Wifi in Access-Point mode?

Because this is not possible via the GL-Inet Gui, I went via Luci to the Wifi settings and activated the existing Guest-Wifi again.
Wifi is then accessible and I can log on, but Internet does not work. What am I missing here? Do I still have to set a route, rule?

This is because Guest Wi-Fi are not available in Access-Point mode.

In AP mode, the device is a Network Bridge working at the Link Layer without NAT, while the guest network needs to use the IP protocol in the Internet Layer.

Simply said, in AP mode, the IP of the client device is assigned by the primary route, not from the GL router. And enabling guest WiFi requires the GL router to assign WiFi to the guest network.


Okay, thanks for the explanation.
Then I have to think of another solution.