How can I forward all inbound traffic to local http or socks proxy?

I have a GL-AXT1800 and have setup SOCKS and HTTP proxies on it which are listening on and respectively. How can I forward all the traffic coming from connected devices to those proxies?

An HTTP proxy cannot be used for all traffic; only Layer 7 (HTTP/HTTPS) protocols can be proxied through this mode. For the SOCKS5 mode, you can proxy all Layer 4 (e.g. TCP/UDP) traffic through it regardless of the protocols in use. It’s just like running TOR, which uses the same SOCKS5 technology.

  • Now, you can use a SOCKS client like socksify on your LAN hosts to tunnel traffic through the OpenWRT SOCKS5 proxy.
  • If however, you not want to install any client software on your LAN hosts, you should do some more configurations on the OpenWRT itself to intercept, and redirect all inbound traffic to the proxy.

Something like this might help, although it is more advanced and more than you need:

Note! SOCKS always slow down the traffic!

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Thanks for the great insight!
Do you know a transparent proxy solution that has a luci GUI app by any chance?

No. I have never configured SOCKS proxy on OpenWRT because noways I do not see any valid usage scenarios, unless you have one. VPNs are a better alternative.

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