How can I make the Xe-300 turn off automatically when the charging source is disconnected?

I have this model inside my pickup truck for use as a vehicle hotspot, however I do take it with me out in the field for my job which Is why I chose this model for it’s battery.

Most modern vehicles are set to turn off the power outlets/USBs after about 5 minutes when the vehicle is shut off. This means that the hotspot device would remain on and would drain its battery which could cause unnecessary wear to the battery and shorten it’s lifespan

I like how the device automatically turns on when power is detected, however I would like it to turn off automatically when no clients are connected after 15 minutes whenever the power source is removed. This would ensure that when plugged in, it automatically turns on and stays on so that it is always ready for a client to connect, but will properly turn off automatically when on battery. This should either be a setting in the control panel or done through a script because people might prefer keeping their hotspot running for a few hours on battery on standby for some reason, and some people would want it to shut off automatically when not in use while running on battery.

This function is not available for the time being, but I think the way of automatically shutting down when there is no client connection is very good. I’ ll feedsback that for PM.